Columbia River Dissenters Series

The following oral histories were conducted by the Oregon Historical Society, in cooperation with the Center for Columbia River History staff and document the contemporary history of the Columbia River Basin. The content of the oral histories highlight “dissent on the Columbia” and include the voices of men and women who have found fault with the way the Columbia River system has been managed and used. These interviews are made possible in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Walter Ericksen
Orchardist and long time resident of The Dalles, Oregon
Ericksen documented the effects of pollution emitted from the Harvey Aluminum Company for 21 years.

Pat Ford
Executive Director of Save our Wild Salmon
Pat Ford is currently focused on salmon conservation and the impact of hydroelectric dams on salmon populations.

J.W. “Bud” Forrester
Former Editor of the East Oregonian and Daily Astorian newspapers
Forrester recalls Columbia River use, management and early conservation.

Gilbert Giles
Resident of White Salmon, Washington and former school teacher in Okanogan, Washington
Giles relates how dams and pollution have affected the Native Americans’ way of life in the Columbia River Basin.

Floyd Harvey
Former owner of a river tourism business near Hells Canyon on the Snake River
Harvey fought construction of the High Mountain Sheep Dam near the confluence of the Snake and Salmon Rivers.

George Hinman
Former Director of the Nuclear Radiation Center at Washington State University
Hinman joined the Energy Policy Council in the 1970s to forecast energy consumption in the Pacific Northwest.

Tom Kovalicky
Former Forest Supervisor of the Nez Perce Forest
Kovalicky worked to restrain logging, mining and road building on the Nez Perce Forest.

Kent Martin
Gill-net fisherman from Skamokawa, Washington
Martin is an outspoken critic of sports fishermen and of policies that have affected gill-netters' share of the catch.

Wilbur Slockish

Member of the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation and of the Hanford Health Effect Subcommittee
Slockish fought the storing of Hanford nuclear waste on the Yakama Reservation.

Chuck Williams
Chinook Indian and professional photographer.
Williams has been instrumental in protecting the Columbia River Gorge.

Wendy Wilson
Former Executive Director of Idaho Conservation League and Idaho Rivers United
Wilson is concerned with salmon protection and other conservation issues that relate to river use.

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