The original Residents Handbook is in the manuscript collection at the Oregon Historical Society


APARTMENTS: The apartment in which you live is very simple in its design. It is constructed of material that will not stand up unless you take care of it.

Alterations: Any attempted alterations would result in serious damage to the apartment. Alterations, therefore, are not allowed.

Applications: Applications for apartments in Vanport City are taken only at the Alderway Building, Portland, Oregon.

Inspection: Inspection of your apartment and its equipment may be made by qualified employees of the Housing Authority in an emergency or at reasonable hours. Please ask for identification.

Lease: You have signed for your apartment. Subletting, or otherwise turning this apartment over to any other person, is prohibited. Immediate eviction of the other person will result.

Maintenance: All other maintenance of the apartment--heating, plumbing and electrical system, all furniture and equipment with which it is furnished will be maintained by the Housing Authority of Portland. If service is needed, call personally at the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building, Force and Victory Streets. The rent for your apartment includes such maintenance service, unless the damage or condition is a result of carelessness or other misuse. Your rent includes utilities (lights, heat and hot water). Any interruption in these services should be reported to Maintenance Service Office.

Occupancy: In renting your apartment, you have listed those people living with you. The apartment has been rented to you based on the number of people in your household. Any increase or decrease of permanent residents must be reported immediately to the Rental Office, Administration Building.


BUSES: (See Transportation)

CHECK CASHING: Vanport City does not have a branch bank. Checks may be cashed at the shopping centers. Rent may be paid by check if the check is for an amount no greater than the rental charge.

CHURCHES: Complete church services are available to you within Vanport. Under the United Church Ministry are offered all Protestant Services. Information on Denominational Services are available by calling the Project Services' Office in your nearest Community Building.

DENTISTS: (UN 1611) For all services, emergency and otherwise, of dentists and doctors, telephone the Vanport City Hospital.

EDUCATION: (See Schools)

HEALTH: (See Public Health Department)

HOSPITAL: (UN 1611) The Vanport City Hospital is a completely modern equipped hospital. You are living in the only project that offers this service. The hospital is available to you twenty-four hours a day. If you need a doctor, call the hospital.

INSURANCE: Your personal belongings and/or other property is not covered by any insurance or other legal responsibility of the Housing Authority of Portland.

LIBRARY: The Vanport City Library on Victory Boulevard near Lake Street is a completely equipped circulating library for your service. A reader's card may be obtained upon request at the library during open hours-Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

MOVIES: (See Theaters)

NURSERY: (WE 3244) The very finest professional Nursery Schools are available to you in Vanport City. The Nursery completely cares for your children from 6:45 A.M. to 6:30 P.M., Monday through Saturday. For the safety of your child and your pleasure of living, do not leave children unsupervised.

NURSES: (See Public Health Department)

PLAYGROUNDS: There is a playground near you. Playgrounds are supervised by paid professional staff Monday through Friday. Complete playgounds and equipment are available for children of all ages. The Housing Authority of Portland is not responsible for accidents or injury occurring during hours when playgrounds are not supervised Softball and baseball are available by contacting the director of the playground. Tennis, badminton and hand ball and volley ball are offered. Visit your nearest playground for your own interest and benefits and those of your family.

POLICE: (See Sheriff's Office) Tel. No. TR 8911.

POST OFFICE: Mail service in Vanport City includes a complete postoffice service from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. daily and 8 A.M. until 2 p.m. on Saturday. There are five pick-ups at the Vanport office during the day; the first at 6:30 A.M. and the last at 7:00 P.M. All special delivery and parcel post for delivery in Vanport City is handled through this postoffice.

It is of special importance to know that Vanport does not have a General Delivery service, therefore, when you move you must advise the postoffice immediately of your change of address or all your mail will be returned to the sender.

PROJECT SERVICES: This department, under the General Manager of Vanport City, is here to assist you in every service that you may need. The Project Services' Offices in the Community Building are your information centers for parties, programs, entertainment, recreation and all information about other services that you may need in which you have an interest.

PUBLIC WELFARE: The Multnomah County Public Welfare Department is located in the Apartment Building on Victory and Force Streets across form the Post Office. Public Welfare offers assistance to families in need of financial, medical or other necessary services for living which the person is unable to meet. Of course, complete proof must be furnished of such conditions.

PUBLIC HEALTH: The Multnomah County Health Department has offices in the Vanport Hospital Building. See your Public Health Department on any questions of public health, including communicable disease control, veneral disease control, modern immunization service, infant and pre-school hygiene, school hygiene, and general sanitation. Office hours are 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Saturday, 6:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. Tuesday.

RECREATION: The Project Services Office, Community Building #1k, Broadacre and Force Streets, directs all recreation and leisure time programs and facilities within the community. The five playgrounds and community buildings are available for your use. Complete leisure time activities for children and adults are offered, Your participation is invited as a means of increasing your pleasure of living within Vanport City.

RESTURANTS: Lunch and restaurant facilities are available in Shopping Centers #1, #4 and #5.

SCHOOLS: (WE 3244) Administration Office, Broadacres near Force Street. Your school system is the only complete elementary school system within a Project in the United States. Its school services are the finest to be found anyhwhere. The Project is zoned to insure proper distribution of the children in the school centers. The three centers, MacArthur, Roosevelt, and Marshall, offer schooling from kindergarten through the sixth grade. Seventh and eighth grade services are offered in the uppergrade building of the MacArthur School. Vanport children attend Portland High Schools. The majority attend Roosevelt and Jefferson High Schools. The majority attend Roosevelt and Jefferson High Schools. High school children may also attend any of the other Portland high schools without tuition costs. Oregon State Law requires all children under age 18 to attend school regularly. For complete information, contact the office of the Superintendent of Schools, School Administration Building, Broadacres near Force Street.

The Vanport City Junior College (WE 7277) Broadacre near Force Street offers complete first and second year college courses. This college was established primarily to offer college education to Veterans. For complete information, contact the Junior College Offices.

SHERIFF'S OFFICE: (TR 8911) Victory near Force St. All law enforcement within the Project comes under the Sheriff of Multnomah County. The Sheriff furnishes complete police service to the Community, and maintains standards of law enforcement.

SHOPPING CENTERS: Following is list of Commercials in Vanport City, Oregon

Shopping Center #1

George Parker Barber Shop
Victory & Force
Portland 17, Oregon

Julia Stall Beauty Shop
Victory & Force
Portland 17, Oregon

Kern & Denny Cleaning and Radio
Repair Shop
Portland 17, Oregon

Oregon Groceteria
Victory & Force
Portland 17, Oregon

Payless Drug Store
Victory & Force
Portland 17, Oregon

Vanport Cafe & News
Victory & Force
Portland 17, Oregon

Roy Jenson Shoe Shop
Victory & Force
Portland 17, Oregon

Shopping Center #3

National Manufacturing Co. Oregon Groceteria
Portland 17, Oregon Portland 17, Oregon

Oregon Groceteria Edward Perkins Cleaning
Portland 17, Oregon Shop

Shopping Center #4

Oregon Groceteria Edward Perkins Cleaning
Portland 17, Oregon Shop

Payless Drug Store D.H. Martin (Photo Shop)
Portland 17, Oregon Portland 17, Oregon

Vanport Theater Geo. E. Spencer, Reciever
Portland 17, Oregon Portland 17, Oregon

Edward Perkins Cleaning Shop
Portland 17, Oregon

D.H. Martin (Photo Shop)
Portland 17, Oregon

Geo. E. Spencer, Receiver
Portland 17, Oregon

Shopping Center #5

Oregon Groceteria Barney Lucas
Portland 17, Oregon

Kenneth Smith Beauty Shop
Portland 17, Oregon

Kenneth Smith Barber Shop
Portland 17, Oregon

Geo. E. Spence, Receiver
Spencer Cafe
Portland 17, Oregon

Vanport Department Store
Vanport, Oregon

Vanport Hospital
N. Victory
Portland 17, Oregon

TAXIS: Telephone your Portland Taxicab companies (See Portland Telephone Directory). All distance traveled outside of the city limits of Portland is double the city fare rate.

TRANSPORTATION: Regular commercial bus service runs every ten minutes during the day. Bus service is direct from Vanport City to downtown Portland. Vanport City buses leave the Portland terminal at 820 S. W. Oak Street. Portland to Vanport, one-way fare is ten cents. Transfer privileges to other bus or streetcar lines are not allowed. For transfer or hauling, see your Portland directory.

TELEGRAMS: Telegrams may be sent and delivery service will be given from the Western Union Telegraph office, Administration Building. After hours, this service is available through the Sheriff's Office, Victory near Force Street.

THEATER: The Vanport City Theater, Cottonwood near Lake Street is open seven days a week from 1:30 p.m. to midnight. Your community theater is one of the few leisure time facilities in the community. It is for your pleasure and convenience. Your suggestions to the Management will be appreciated, and your cooperation in making it a good place to go is solicited.

VETERANS: Vanport City has a larger Veterans' population than any other Project. Community Buildings, Schools, and Organizations have set up programs for their use. Contact your nearest Community Building for complete information on these services.

WASHING MACHINES: Washing machines are furnished and maintained in the service for your use. These are meter machines, which operate at the rate of ten cents for thirty minutes use. Notify Lucas Company (TR 6490) if your machine is out of order.

WELFARE: (See Public Welfare)

YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS: Information on the children's programs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., etc., is available at the Project Services' Office in the Community Buildings, the Vanport Youth Council or the Portland telephone directory.

Rent: You have been advised of the amount of rent which you are to pay on a monthly basis for your apartment. Your rent is due on the first day of each month. All rents must be paid in advance. Your rent is delinquent if not paid by the 5th of each month.

If you are living in an upstairs apartment, one front window is made to open. The only reason for this is to allow a safe exit in the event of a serious fire. The porch roof, outside of your window, must be kept clear at all times. Do not place anything on the porch roof.

Sanitation: Because you are living in an apartment building, extreme care should be taken that your apartment is kept clean odorless. Unsanitary conditions are cause for eviction.

Transfers: Transfers within the Project cannot be allowed, except, in cases of extreme emergencies or complications, because of medical, health, or physical handicap. You may apply to the rental manager. Applications should be accompanied by a Doctor's certificate or other justifying documents.

Commercials: (See Shopping Centers) Your apartment has been rented to you for the sole purpose of living therein. The use of this apartment for any commercial use or any other activity than normal living will be considered an infringement of your lease contract and you will be subject to eviction.

Checkouts: Your lease makes you legally and completely responsible for your apartment and furnishings until you have officially cancelled the lease. "Checking out" of your apartment may be done from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, Rental Office, Administration Building, Saturday and Sunday and holidays from 7:30 A.M. to midnight, Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building. Checkouts after 12:00 noon will be charged for the day. You should, if possible, check out during the regular office hours through the Rental Office, because checking out otherwise, will necessitate the mailing of any refunds due you. This will mean some delay. At the time you moved into your apartment, you signed a statement of the amount of furniture and equipment and its condition. It is, therefore, necessary that an inspector check the apartment and its equipment with you at the time you check out. This will eliminate any possibility of misunderstanding or unjust charges against you.

Electrical: In the event of any electrical failure, notify the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building. Normal electrical repairs are furnished you without additional cost. Never try to repair it yourself. Your apartment is furnished with electrical outlets. The outlet by your drain board for your stove is the only one to be used for your stove and electric irons. Other wall outlets are for lamps, radios, ect. Never overload by putting additional outlets or convenient plugs in your apartment. Fires are caused by these plugs. Turn off all electrical equipment before leaving the apartment. Pull out the plug for your electric stove.

Fire Department: Your Vanport Fire Department is the best in the country. Call your Fire Department first for any fire. Do not try to put it out yourself. Locate and remember the location of your nearest emergency alarm box that is located on the power poles, near your apartment, leave the apartment, close the doors and call the Fire Department. For your protection, Fire Inspectors will call regularly at all apartments. Your cooperation is your protection.

Furniture: Your apartment and its furniture is Federal Government property. You have signed a statement, which lists the furniture and its condition. You are held responsible for it. The removing of any furniture from the apartment is prohibited. In the event of breakage or damage, you would notify the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building. Never try to repair it yourself. If the condition is the result of normal use, you will not be charged. If the condition is the result of carelessness, you will be charged.

Furniture will not be removed from your apartment to be replaced by your own furniture. You may move in your own furniture at your own risk. Request for exchange of worn or unserviceable furniture must be made in person at the Furniture Expediting Office, Administration Building. Repairs and service on stoves are handled at the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building only.

Garbage: The disposal of garbage is furnished you without charge. Place all garbage inside the garbage can. Your assistance in proper garbage handling is a protection to your health. Cooperate by proper disposal of all garbage. Do not place loose papers in garbage cans.

Heating: Your apartment is heated by forced draft warm air, thermostatically controlled. If your apartment is too warm, close the heat register. Always close the register before opening louvers or doors. Interruptions in service should be reported to the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building.

Housing Authority of Portland: The Housing Authority of Portland is your Landlord. The General Manager is their representative. The General Manager and his staff are to assist and protect you while living in Vanport City. The enforcement of the terms of your lease and the regulations of living and conduct that are set forth herein is the responsibility of the General Manager. Your observance of these regulations will build a better community and add to your enjoyment while living here.

Your failure to observe these regulations may result in your eviction from the Project.

Ice: Ice is available by door to door delivery service. Ice should be placed in the pan provided in the icebox. You will be charged for water damage to an apartment. Check and empty the ice tray frequently.

Keys: You are furnished one key to your apartment. In the event of Loss, apply to the Rental Department, Administration Building, for replacement. There will be a charge of fifty cents per key.

Laundry: Laundry facilities in the form of washing machines, laundry trays, and hot water are available in the service unit adjacent to your apartment. This laundry is for your service and convenience. Help to maintain it for yourself and others by properly cleaning the washing machine, laundry trays and laundry room after your use. Your protection of this equipment is for your service and benefit. For commercial laundry service, see your Portland telephone directory. Children are not allowed to play in Service Buildings.

Lease: You have signed a lease for your apartment. It states your legal rights and responsibilities. Read it carefully. Your lease is your protection and the protection of others. Because of the type of apartment in Vanport, your lease prohibits excessive noise or other activities which will disturb others. The apartment must not be used for any other purpose than normal living. Commercial activities of any type are prohibited. The Oregon State Laws and the Laws of Multnomah County prohibit gambling. Any residents of Vanport City found guilty of such conduct will be subject to immediate eviction. Other acts or conduct that are illegal or against the laws of the state of Oregon or the county of Multnomah or are in conflict with the policy and regulations set forth herein will be considered cause for eviction. You are not to sublet or otherwise turn over your apartment to any other person or people. If you do so, you will be held legally responsible and will be prosecuted for any damage or other improper conditions which might prosecuted for any damage or other improper conditions which might result. The person who signs the lease and those who are listed as the legal residents are the only ones who will be allowed to reside permanently in the apartment. Failure to observe the foregoing will subject the tenant to eviction and other legal action

Lights: The bulbs for the lights are furnished in your apartment when you move in. You are responsible for replacement of all bulbs. The lighting of your apartment should be confined to the proper use of the outlets and overhead lighting system. Do not overload your electrical outlets. Do not use extension cords. All street lighting and outside lighting is furnished and maintained. Report any failure of service to the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building.

Lockouts: In the event you are locked out of your apartment or lose your key, apply to the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building. Upon furnishing proper indentification, you will be let into our apartment. There will be a charge of fifty cents for such service.

Maintenance: All repairs of the apartment, its furniture and equipment, the building, streets and grounds, electrical, water and heating systems are furnished by the Maintenance Division of the Housing Authority of Portland. Call the Maintenance Service Office.

Parking: All vehicles must be parked in specified areas only. The parking areas are here and maintained for your convenience. The parking areas are here and maintained for your convenience. The parking of other than usable equipment in an operating condition is prohibited, and the Housing Authority will remove other equipment and charge the owner. Trailer houses and trailers are to be left on the parking areas only during periods of loading and unloading. No truck or vehicle containing any material that constitutes a fire or safety hazard shall be parked in Vanport City.

Pets: The keeping of any pets within the Project is done at the owner's risk. The rodent control program within the community makes necessary the use of poison that frequently results in the death of pets. Those who by keeping pets create a disturbance to other residents, who endanger other residents, or who cause other conditions that are undesirable are subject to eviction.

Plumbing: All Pluming service is available at the Maintenance Service Office, Administration Building. Do not try to fix it yourself. Plumbing Service for normal repair and maintenance is available without charge. If breakage or damage or stoppage is caused by improper [?] the tenant will be charged.

Property: All property within Vanport City is the property of the Federal Government. The misuse, theft of or damage to, will be treated accordingly. Parents will be held responsible for acts of children in such cases.

Rent: You are paying your rent on a monthly basis. All rents are due on the first day of the month and delinquent after the 5th of each month, after which date the tenant is subject to eviction. Rents may be paid by cash, by personal check, by payroll check if the amount of the check is no greater than the rental charge. Rents may be paid by mail by making a check or money order, payable to the Housing Authority of Portland, mailed to the Housing Authority of Portland, Administration Building, Vanport, 17, Oregon. Your money order stub or cancelled check is your receipt. In the event rent is not paid by the 5th of the month, the account will be turned over to the collection department. Collectors are authorized to enter apartments or to otherwise contact the resident to insure collection of rent. Always request that the collector show you his indentification card and that a receipt be given you. The Administration Building will always be closed the last work day of each month.

Speed Limit: The speed of all vehicles on all streets is limited to 20 miles per hour within the Project. Watch school zones, pedestrian crossing and traffic control signs. Failure to observe these traffic laws will result in citations. Continuous offenders are subject to eviction. Use only designated parking areas for parking vehicles. Do not park on lawn areas, areas between streets and sidewalks or adjacent to fire plugs and alarm boxes.

Stoves: Your stove is a different type of equipment than you previously have used. It, however, can produce for you as fin a meal and as good food as any stove you have used. The staff within the Community Buildings will be glad to assist you in direction and planning the preparation of meals and use of this stove. Care should be taken in both the use and maintenance of the stove. Do not spill food-stuffs or liquids on the heating element. If switches do not turn easily, do not force them to turn. Stoves must not be plugged in any outlet except the drainboard electrical outlet. Serious fire may result. If your stove does not work properly, bring it to the Maintenance

Service Office, Administration Building. Do not try to fix it yourself. You will be given a stove in exchange. See that your stove is completely clean before brining it in. If your stove requires cleaning, you will be charged. The stove issued to you is always clean.

Transfers: Transfers from one apartment to another within the Project cannot be allowed. The only exceptions will be those cases of extreme emergencies or complications because of medical, health, or physical handicaps. You may apply to the rental manager, Administration Building. Applications should accompanied by a doctor's statement of need or other justifying documents.

United States Government: All of Vanport City is owned by the United States Government. All property is Federal Property. Misuse, theft or damage of the property will be treated accordingly.

Water: The water, which you use in Vanport City, is by constant, scientific test the very best. Interruptions in this service should be immediately reported to the Maintenance Service Office. Repair or replacement of all plumbing will result of misuse or carelessness. The open waterways, sloughs or lakes within the Project should not in any instance be used for human consumption or swimming. Children should not play in or near these waterways.