Oregon Journal, May 24, 1928



With the opening of Jantzen Beach all of Oregon will welcome an amusement spot that sets as a jewel in America's Great Outdoor Playground-over 1,000,000 gallons every eight hours, will flow into the mammoth swimming pools which are considered the finest in point of cleanliness for swimming and for competition in America. They present in themselves a model for the nation to follow.

A Roller-Coaster, the largest of its kind in the west, presents a ride of thrills that reaches over 3800-foot area. Sheer drops, ranging from 70 to 35 feet, are designed to give fun in safety.

The Skooter gives you a traffic problem that needs no care. Just step on the gas and it matters not who you bump into, the fun is in the ride and the jar you give and take.

A Merry Mixup again whirls you into space and brings enjoyment from members of your party when they send the little flying swings far out into space.

The Promenade-a spacious concert walk-is lined with a never-ending array of entertaining games. Fun starts from the moment you enter the park.

The Jantzen Beach Park is designed from start to finish for your entertainment. Never has the west seen its equal. Easily it surpasses all amusement resorts on the Pacific Coast and vies with the better resorts of America.

"Clean, wholesome sport, in keeping with the great outdoors" is the slogan of Jantzen Beach. A place where you may bring the whole family, enjoy a day and evening and then return happily home again.

Not a thing has been overlooked for your comfort. Even a restaurant, one that you will compare with your favorite eating place anywhere. Unlike the resort cafe, this establishment holds itself in keeping with the high caliber of the Jantzen Beach Park. Home cooking, and the menu! Well, it's enough to make the best chefs wonder how it's done. Take no one's word for it. Just try Jack Woodman's place and you will also become a booster.

Remember, the Jantzen Beach opens today-Saturday, May 26.

Jantzen Beach is easy to get to-easy to get away from. Only 20 minutes from Broadway. Plenty of parking facilities.

Jantzen Beach is easy to get to. Hop the trolley at Broadway and Washington or drive out to the Interstate waters of the Columbia river on Hayden island.