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Click on the link below the photograph if you would like to see how it was used in the exhibit. The Center for Columbia River History reproduced photos with the permission of their owners.

pend.jpg (2334 bytes)
Sandpoint from across Lake Pend Oreille. Photo by Duane Davis.

wcamas.jpg (3070 bytes)
Blackfoot woman gathering camas on the Flathead Reservation.
From the collection of the Idaho State Historical Society.

vil.jpg (1494 bytes)
Kalispel village on the Pend Oreille River.
Teakle Collection, Northwest Room, Spokane Public Library.

priests.jpg (2251 bytes)
Pierre Jean de Smet and Adrian Hoecken. Midwest Jesuit Archives.

wilson.jpg (2747 bytes)
President Woodrow Wilson. Library of Congress.

masse.jpg (6818 bytes)
Masselow, chief of the Kalispel.
Teakle Collection, Northwest Room, Spokane Public Library (PH84.114).

street.jpg (2347 bytes)
Sandpoint during a July 4th celebration, circa 1920s.
Bonner County Historical Society.

street2.jpg (1895 bytes)
Sandpoint's First Avenue, Christmas, 1960s.
Bonner County Historical Society.

pendo.jpg (2211 bytes)
Pend Oreille Lake. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

damsite.jpg (1983 bytes)
Albeni Falls Dam Site. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Compton White. Bonner County Historical Society.

Pamphlet from the Farragut Naval Training Station. Bonner County Historical Society.

Farragut Naval Training Station on Pend Oreille Lake.
Bonner County Historical Society.

Robert Graves flanked on either side by two unknown soldiers.
Photo courtesy of Robert Graves.

guns.jpg (4091 bytes)
Dummy guns used at Farragut Naval Training Station.
Farragut State Park.

Helen Ashley Hawkins. Bonner County Historical Society.

gov.jpg (3879 bytes)
Governor Bottolfsen. Idaho State Historical Society.