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Marge and Ed Ebel
Concrete work on Grand Coulee Dam

The dam's effect on Moses Lake community

Yadira Garcia
Life as a high school student in Moses Lake

Don Goodwin
The closure of the U & I Sugar Refinery

Gladys Hull: lifelong resident of Moses Lake, Moses Lake song

Remina Jorgensen: Mormon resident of Moses Lake since 1940s
Increasing population and changing ethnicity in Moses Lake

The Columbia Basin Project, technology, transportation, and modern agriculture

Changes in sprinkler systems

The effect on Moses Lake of the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980

Frank Koba
Personal account of being relocated to Moses Lake

Frank Koba discusses Moses Lake after 1943

Barbara and Ted Osborne
Preparing for irrigation

Clyde Owen: Air Force colonel, commanded Larson Air Force Base in 1960s
On moving to Moses Lake, and the closing of Larson Air Force Base
Japan Airlines buys Grant County Airport for training of 747 pilots

Andrea Stucki: Mormon high school student
The shooting at Moses Lake High School

Joe Tokunaga
Internment at Minidoka and coming to Moses Lake

Lillian Tokunaga
Living in Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II

Nat Washington and Eric Peterson: former attorney general and mayor of Moses Lake

Harry Yamamoto
Farming in Moses Lake after 1943

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Carrie "Kitty" Blakes - African American resident of Moses Lake

Deane, Dick - Moses Lake community member since 1945

Garcia, Yadira - Mexican American high school student

Goodwin, Don - County Commissioner for sixteen years

Hanson, Wanda - Farm wife and State Senator for one year

Jorgenson, Remina - Mormon resident of Moses Lake since 1940s

Koba, Frank and Mrs. - WWII Internment - Minidoka/small business owners in Moses Lake

Schiffner, George and Margaret - Building the big dams, and electricity

Tokunaga, Fudge, Joe, and Lillian - Japanese Internment/Farming in Moses Lake

Yamamoto, Harry, Jr. - Japanese American who came to Moses Lake with his parents on work release status from a World War II internment camp

Interviews were conducted and are housed at the Adam East Art Center and Museum in Moses Lake, Washington.

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