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Table of Contents

  1. Part I - The Cascade Indians & Early Town History
    1. The Native Americans
      1. The Cascade Indians Through Euro-American Eyes
      2. Portage and Conflict: Control Over the Cascades Rapids
      3. Disease and Displacement of the Native Americans
      4. Cascade Indian Survival
    2. The Settlement of LaCamas
      1. A Town is Born: White Settlers Move to LaCamas
      2. The Fight for a "Dry" Town
      3. "This is the Natural Home of the Italian Prune ..."
    3. Washougal's Woolen Mill Industry

  2. Part II - Company Town
    1. Continuity and Change at the Camas Paper Mill
      1. Mill Town Ethnicity and Cultural Tensions
      2. Immigrant Workers Attracted by Steady Work
      3. Mill Diversification: Change Spurred by Executive Order
      4. Ongoing Racial Tensions: Struggling for Equality
    2. Division of the Sexes: Women's Work at the Camas Mill
      1. Wartime in Camas: Women Working "Men's" Jobs
    3. Union History: 1917 Strike
      1. Organizing Pulp and Paper Workers
      2. A Rebel Union
      3. Mending the Hard Feelings
      4. Changes in Union-Management Relations
  3. Part III - Growth and Change
    1. Environmental Uses of the Land: Bonneville Dam
      1. Cascade Fisheries: Native American fishing rights
      2. The Smell of Money: Mill Air and Water Emissions
    2. Beyond a Mill Town: Economic Diversification and Growth
      1. The High-Tech Computer Industry Transforms Camas
      2. Lacamas Lake, Open Space, and Community Activism


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